What we can do for you

A wide variety of products, modern machinery, and an experienced & proven workforce, allowing us to answer customer demands quickly and with flexibility. Many years of experience guarantee you reliable, high-quality products, and on-schedule delivery. We will gladly assist you in successfully finishing your projects!

State-of-the-art technology allows us to provide you with complex workpieces and high-quality end-products. We're able to produce highly accurate molds for single-item and small batch- series production. And we work exclusively with calibrated equipment. Our officially certified quality management guarantees consistency, quality, and organized and efficient production processes.

Our primary specializations are:

Devices for different machining methods

  • Manual, hydraulic and pneumatic fixtures with machine integration
  • Single clamping systems and multi clamping systems, devices for distortion-free clamping and reliable material determination
  • Devices including automatic switching systems, such as pallet changes or zero point clamping system

Various machining methods such as:

  • Grinding: internal / external cylindrical grinding, surface grinding
  • Turning: mandrels, clamps, devices for thin-walled parts, excentric turning devices and more
  • Cutting: CNC-, five-axis machining, special solutions for thin-walled parts
  • Drilling: usage of various standardized clamping systems, deep hole drilling, CNC fixtures for special drilling tasks

Special-purpose machines / Automation engineering

We develop, design, manufacture, and assemble specialized devices for various industries, including additional automation technology modules.

We'll get them operational and provide essential services. An experienced team will help to devise secure, optimized, affordable, and easy to implement solutions.

Assembly jigs / installation devices

  • Clinching devices
  • Devices for electrical and electronic components, eg. assembly and crimping of plug contacts
  • Devices for installing seals, backup and snap rings, bearings, bushings, etc.
  • Gluing and soldering equipment

Testing devices / Measurement devices / gauges / samples

  • Measuring devices with electronic probes for computer analysis and data storage
  • Implementation of testing and measurement devices in gauge quality
  • Production of sample parts, form gauges, thickness & distance gauges, jigs and more
  • Testing and measurement devices for coarse tolerance components, such as equipment used to check distance and flatness for wall installation frames

Welding devices / Laser welding devices

  • Devices for different welding techniques such as serial, single and auxiliary welding
  • Universal welding devices
  • High-precision laser welding devices with repeatable positioning of welding parts and water cooling of critical components
  • Laser welding devices with clip-change systems for welding plants, manual and automated device changes including the necessary media (sensors, pneumatic and cooling)

Cutting tools & Reshaping tools

  • Press brake tools, bending tools, Z-bending tools, stamping tools, cutting tools, threading tools, cutting tools specifically designed for press brakes
  • Production of tools according to design documentation
  • Production of parts and components, contract work, wire-cut EDM & sinker EDM
  • Embossing tools for the production of standard parts such as stencils, stamps and many more.
  • Due to capacity reasons we're currently designing / manufacturing only to a certain extent
  • Large tools are currently not part of our production spectrum

Production of precision parts

Through technological connection / combination of CNC machining techniques and erosion techniques, we are able to produce complex and highly precise single and serial parts.

Except for necessary heat treatments, coatings, etc., for which we collaborate with very experienced partners, everything is done in our company. Upon request, you will of course receive the necessary quality, material and heat treatment certificates!

Here is a brief overview of processing sizes we're able to handle.

Looking for an apprenticeship or a job?

Naturally, we're also offering apprenticeship opportunities, primarily as toolmakers specializing in device technology.

You're technical-minded, have solid math skills, spatial awareness, and most importantly perseverance, and patience? Then you're welcome to apply for an apprenticeship! You'll learn the basics of metalworking, and after six months you'll start practical training with us. Over time, you'll attend supplementary courses to learn about hydraulics, pneumatics, and CNC operations.

What are the requirements? You'll need to have at least a general school certificate / secondary school certificate, a solid grasp of the German language, and we need you to send us a written application.

Job openings

We are hiring again! If you want to know more about available job openings, please do contact us.

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Have a question or want to talk to us about something? Then don't hesitate to get in touch via phone, fax, email, use our contact form or visit us in Chemnitz. We're always happy to help!